Spinach Pasta

I make the dough using my Zo.
1.8 oz. spinach, minced
2 Tbsp.  water
2 large eggs, beaten
1 Tbsp.  olive oil
1 cup  semolina flour
1 cup all purpose flour
1/2 tsp. salt
Add ingredients to the baking pan in the order listed. Place baking pan into the Zo, close the lid and plug it in.
Select HOME MADE course. Press CYCLE button turning OFF the following: Preheat, Rise 1, Rise 2, Rise 3, Shape, Bake, Keep Warm. Select KNEAD cycle. Press and hold TIME until the display shows 0:20. Then press CYCLE twice to record. (homemade cycle 1)
When Zo says finished, press CANCEL and remove dough from baking pan. Roll dough into a ball, cover with plastic wrap and let it rest for at least an hour in the refrigerator.
silicone dough mat
silicone cutting mats
dough scraper
flour for sifting
pasta drying rack
I attach the Marcato to the edge of the kitchen island, with a silicone rolling mat right next to it.  I also have two smaller silicone sheets I use to cut the dough on.  I bring out my Pampered Chef flour can and a dough scraper.  I set up the pasta drying rack close by.
Divide the dough into separate pieces, a bit bigger than a golf ball, but not as big as a baseball.  Take one, cover the others to keep them from drying out.
With the Marcato set on "0" flatten one piece a bit with your hand and run it through.  Fold over, do it again.  Repeat about five times.
Set the machine on "1" and roll it through, continuing once on each progressive setting until the dough is as thin as you need it to be.  I haven't had to go past "5" yet.
Lightly flour the dough if it starts to get rough.  Using additions to your dough, such as spinach, it's easy for the dough to be a bit too wet.
Set sheet aside and do the same thing with the next piece.
I usually do two to three sheets before changing the handle to the pasta cutter.  It is easier with two people, but one can handle it.
Take your first sheet of pasta and start rolling it through the cutter.  I like the fettucini cut, just because I LOVE fresh pasta!
As the cut pasta becomes more than hanging chad, I bring out the wand from the pasta dryer and start hanging it from that.  After the sheet is finished, I drape the pasta on one of the drying racks and reach for the next sheet.
Once you have enough pasta, you can freeze the rest of the dough.  I wrap it tightly in plastic wrap, then place in a freezer bag, pushing out the excess air.
Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil and add your fresh pasta, stirring gently so they do not stick.  Cook about 3-6 minutes, then drain.  

Toss with your sauce and you just made fresh pasta!