Marinated Salad

Marinated Salad


You will need:


An air tight plastic container

Good Seasons Italian Dressing packet mix

1/2 tsp dry dill

1/2 tsp garlic powder

Sliced fresh vegetables of your choice 


For a half quart of vegetables use one packet of mix, a full quart of vegetables use two packets, etc.  I use apple cider vinegar for this recipe, instead of white vinegar which is too strong for this.  I also use canola oil for this, not olive oil because olive oil tends to congeal when it’s refrigerated.


Mix the dressing according to instructions on the box, doubling it if you’re using two packets.  Add the dried dill and garlic powder with the packet mix.  Mix packet contents and herbs with the vinegar first.  Then add oil and emulsify (whisk until the oil does not separate from the vinegar - takes about two minutes).


Cut up your fresh vegetables, place them in the container and pour the marinade over them.  Seal the container and turn it to coat the vegetables thoroughly and refrigerate.  I turn the container every hour or so to ensure even coating.


As you eat the vegetables from the container you can add more to the marinade and continue to use the same marinade for about a week.  Enjoy!